Friday, December 08, 2006

Pizza Party

40 pizzas..................$220.00
25 2liters.................$25.00
supplies for 200.....$25.00
Impromptu salsa dance party in my living room to the Havana Nights soundtrack...PRICELESS

Here is a sneak peak at my apartment, and my tree. This is my first official time decorating my very own tree with my very own ornaments. (Nepal didn't count because it just didn't feel like Christmas) These are a few of my favorite ornaments, and I finally pulled my light covers out of storage. I bought them in Thailand, once upon a time, and have never used them until now. I love them!


Sara said...

I could never think of a good idea of using those light covers, but that was a good idea and they look great on your tree!! They look like ornaments...I may have to go to the night market and look at them again and see if some would work for our tree. (Ok, that was kind of weird responding to something you bought in another country and me living in that country and can just go down and buy them!) Your apartment looks great!!