Thursday, December 14, 2006

Finals Week Recipe

1 lost key
7 lost swipe cards
1 late night vaccuming
2 removed screens
2 propped doors
1 leaking water fountain
10 reports of theft
15 roommate conflicts
2 moldy showers
3 vomiting residents
1 ER drop-off
3 calls to security
4 false alarms
20 counts of late paperwork
1 fist fight in the front of the building
6 obnoxious overnight guests
5 reduced sleep nights
3 days behind schedule
9 rooms with loud music

Depending upon the duration and the intensity of the stress that you wish to inflict upon yourself:
Blend any 2 ingredients (1 per weekday night) or 5 ingredients (per weekend night)
With 200 residents
Toss in lack of sleep
Spice with loud music
Let stew 1 hour
Add several complaints
Sprinkle with 3 incident reports

*Will serve up to 8 Resident Hall Directors and 1 Director of Residence Life.


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