Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Heaven rejoices!

Her name is written in Heaven...

Today one of my international students got saved! God has been working in her heart all semester, using fellow students in the dorm to share His love with her.

God has made her a new person. Last night He sent His Spirit to live in her. She now has a new heart full of new desires....her face is beaming.

Lord give her a deep passion for You. Put within her a heart for the nations. Bless her family so they may know You. Give her a passion for Your Living Word. May she be the first of many in this dorm.


Ruth said...

tell her that your sister-in-law is rejoicing all the way in Missouri. How exciting. There is a girl at work that I'm praying for. I believe that her heart is slowly being broken. What a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Who says you have to go around the world to reach the world? Gotta love the way God works.