Friday, October 13, 2006

Road Trip

I took a little 9 hour road trip Tues and got back Thursday night. Of course, I took my camera with me and dangerously took pictures as I was driving. All for my 5 blog readers to enjoy!

1. I love the arch...I always love seeing it!
2. A hint at where I was headed
3. A little parental guidance at a rest stop
4. I'm assuming those are smoke stacks?
5. My new friend Maddox really likes the water
6.-8. The trees were so pretty!
9. I was pretty bored at this point
10. Until I saw that Santa Clause lived off of this exit in Illinois
11.-12. Then I really perked up when I saw these elephants having a cocktail party. I wanted to climb inside the martini glass for the picture, but when you travel alone who is supposed to take your picture?
13. Lots of corn
14.-15. "Hey Ed, do you feel a breeze?"
16. I love bridges!

Hopefully you can expect some big news on the job front coming soon (they just have to offer me the job first) the suspense killing you?!

Also, there are only 72 days until Christmas. I think everyone should buy RED products for christmas gifts this year. I'm planning on it. 2 gifts in 1....can't beat that!


missy said...

yes! my favorite is the commentary on 14 &15 - you burnetts!

Hillenblog said...

Missy...your right...those Burnetts have some pension for talking animals...they might be some type of white Christian "Dr. Doolittle" or something.

I like to read your Blog...I just don't get to do it every day...I have to catch up on a weekly basis...I like the Hay art reporting....I like the idea of posting a montage of photos taken over time...I have found that I take (on average) about 600 pictures a month...many of which are of the same subjects...etc. So...I am working on several Blog Photo Journalsim efforts along that line.

To that end...maybe I should start catalogging your brothers tatoo's as they progress...maybe not.

well...later...keep up the good work...

Ruth said...

so your on to the RED products to huh... I love it all. have to say the red razor might just beat the pink. I have forever been a red lover. And if Apple comes out with a red laptop...Adam... Merry Christmas to us. I even took the opportunity to sign up for updates on the RED products. Thanks sis.