Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday! I wish I could be there with you! She's more wonderful than she knows and I should do a better job of telling her. Mom, thanks for being who you were before I came into your life, and thanks for being the woman who has been there for me, Adam and Ruth. When I get into those introspective moods, I can't help but see her influence in the best parts of who I am. Everyone should feel REALLY special on their birthday, and Mom, today I hope you do. Love you- Enjoy St. Augustine!

This is my mom with her neighbor Carol. Mom has such a servants heart and helps Carol, and even cleans her house. The Lord is using mom to show His love through friendship. My prayer is that each time Mom is around Carol, she takes her one step closer to Jesus.

2 years ago today I also surprised my mom by coming home 2 weeks early from Nepal. My mom was stunned, and I was thrilled that my dad and I actually pulled it off. Here are some pictures from my last few weeks in Nepal after living there for 2 years. I miss it terribly, and I wonder how long I will measure time according to "how long I've been back from Nepal?"

I think of Nepal when...
-I eat rice
-I smell a fire or anything burning
-I get a whiff of diesel fuel
-it rains
-countless times a day I keep myself from saying "ke garne" (what to do?)
-I eat/smell curry
-I talk to Tammy, Amanda, Bethany, Sara, Jessica, Alicia, Candace, Marisa, Jake and Donna
-I see a mountain or hear someone talking about them
-I see any "sherpa" products at the mall
-I open the windows at my house
-I watch the Amazing Race
-much to my family's dismay I am still experiencing things I haven't done "in years!"
-I hear Bob Marley
-I pray for the Sherpa, and my unsaved friends I left behind; Bhumika, Rabi, Manoj, Imuna, Alina, Mingma, Mona, Siddhit, and Sumitra!
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Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful day and I felt very loved by you, the A's, dad, family and friends! How could I ask for more? love you, mom