Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Empty Boat

Today was my last day at work. "What's my new job?" you might ask.....well, I don't have one yet. This situation really boiled down to a difficult decision that I had to make. I could....
A) Stay comfortable in my surroundings at my job, ignoring God's prompting to step out and do what's right and trust Him for provision.
B) Take a scary jump over the side of the boat, leaving the security of this temporal comfort zone, walking alone towards Him
I realize that faith doesn't always make sense, and I've experienced that first hand over the last few months. But as I drove away from my job, I was overwhelmed with peace. I have my life back now! I can actually attend church other than Sunday morning! I can finally fellowship with other believers, and get involved in ministry! I know I've done the right thing. I look forward to reporting very soon about how God has once again provided a new job in a HUGE way!


Anonymous said...

Praise Him HL
Aren't you glad you know the ONE who can walk on water!
love you....Your cheerleader!