Friday, August 11, 2006


Ok, so this isn't your normal picture of a roundabout, but it's the only one I had on file. Here in KS/MO, the cities have decided to integrate these roadways into every day life. I was pleased when I saw one at our apartment complex. I love them! Is it me, or does anyone else feel like saying "weeeee!!!" when you go around one? (maybe that means I am driving too fast) So today at work, we received this Roundabout "How To" flyer instructing us, the citizens of Kansas City, on how to drive around a roundabout.

I'm not kidding.

I hope people around here really take the time to read this flyer, because they really have no concept as to yielding to the traffic already in the roundabout intersection. I laugh every time a car is going around, and they see me there yielding, and freak out, stop, and wave at me to go on. They need to check their mail.

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Amy Ruth said...

ok, sis, we want more blog. I love looking at what is new in your life. We want more. Please don't make us wait so long between events. It's all so good! We love you.