Saturday, August 19, 2006

Friday with Elma

Meet Elma. She just turned 97 yesterday. She is my friend, who just happens to also be an artist. Her life has been filled with adventures, and traveling around the world with her late husband Glen. (who she told me had a head full of black hair when he died unexpectedly one year ago)

One Friday, not too long ago, I had the privilege of having a tour of her beautiful home filled with treasures from around the world. Her house is one of those great old houses filled with character. As we went room to room, I heard story after story of "that table came from Egypt..... my Glen bought me that rug in Istanbul......I picked that up in Morocco..." I kept telling her that if she ever had a garage sale to call me!

Now, lets get back to the artist side of Elma. She told me that she picked up painting as a hobby when her son went away to Harvard. When I asked when that was, she said, "Oh sometime in the 50's." She began painting, and giving away her artwork as gifts. Now in her late nineties, some of her paintings have been turned into greeting cards, copied for resale, and been in her one woman shows. As I was sorting a pile of original water colors with her, I came upon the one pictured above. She told me that she had painted it when she was in Old Mexico City in the 60's. I told her it was beautiful, and without hesitation, she said, "It's yours!" I couldn't believe she would just give it to me! Even though I tried to wriggle my way out of accepting it, she wouldn't have it any other way. She kept saying, "I'm so old honey, don't argue with me!" So I didn't!

The next time I met with Elma, I told her that I needed to get a picture of the artist for my painting. As she posed for the picture she said, "What shall I say for the picture?.....Whisky or Sex?" I told her she could pick, so after I counted to 3, she said, "SSSEEEEEXXXX!!!!"

That's my friend Elma.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to meet Elma someday! What a spunky 97 year old. Learn what you can from her life story and share "your life" with her.

hillenblogshappywife said...

that is great! do you think I can use that at the ripe old age of 38?

Anonymous said...

Andrea!! This little lady cracked me up! She sounds precious!!