Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's a hard job...but I had to do it

Today was a fairy tale day. My office was an exhibitor at the Kansas City Bridal Spectacular Show. So as any good employee would do, I had to go out and support the cause. It was a fun day filled with people watching, and sampling wedding cake! I did come to the conclusion that unless he wanted to go, I would NEVER, and I mean never, subject any man to the torture of a bridal show. I saw alot of unhappy men at this event. Perhaps it was the giant stickers on their shirts that said "Groom?"

(FYI, Danni Boatright, winner of Survivor a couple of seasons ago, was one of the models at the fashion show.) Posted by Picasa


Lacey said...

Oh... and such a fun day it was! It makes want to rethink my career path. How do you feel about being wedding consultants?