Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day!

Adam and Amy came up from Springfield, and were such troopers as I drug them around the city to explore. I had an extensive list of things to do and see mostly downtown.

After church on Sunday, we went downtown for the Jazz Brunch at The Peachtree. This place is famous for their southern food. We had sweet tea that made the straw stand up straight in the glass. The atmosphere was so classy, and fortunately we beat the Sunday lunch rush.

This is a great inscription on an old Baptist church on the corner of 18th and Vine

Sunday night we decided to head down to "Celebration at the Station" at Union Station for a KC symphony concert and fireworks. Who knew 34,997 other people would have the same idea.

It was such a great night, that once you've experienced it, you're good for life...that is unless someone wants to reserve their spot for next year? I'm all for visitors!


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