Friday, March 17, 2006

Is that hay?

Yes, folks....this is my first experience with hay art. On my way to work every morning, I get to see this masterpiece. Unfortunately, I missed getting a picture of February's heart hay art. (those last 3 words are funny to say together...heart hay art) Anways, I am anxious to see what else this farmer/artist has in store. And in case you are wondering, YES, I do live in the city, but my apartment is kind of in the area of town where everything is growing towards. Little bit of country, mostly city.....and a Sonic right around the corner. Oh yes, this is the MIDWEST!


Karen :) said...

This is so fun...haha. Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself. Thanks for updating. Keep the random pictures coming. I'll try to call you later this week...thanks for your sweet message on Friday :)

Amy Sue said...

Something to look for on your drive to work. Thanks for noticing the "little things" and sharing with us. xoxo

Roywife said...

I LOVE your blog! I just Had to comment on this pic, looks like a place in my Mom's town in Oklahoma where they also do hay art according to the seasons. Ahh, the midwest. Welcome back, and welcome to the blog community. It is so good to finally hear and read about the life of a person whose card was on my fridge for 2 years!

Roywife= Teri