Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Holi Festival

Don't be mistaken by the title of this blog. This "Holi" has nothing to do with the other "Holy" you might be thinking of. Holi is a Hindu festival in which Hindus welcome spring and petition their gods for prosperity. It is the second most important festival in Nepal. Each year, Hindus celebrate Holi by throwing colored water on one another. When I lived in Nepal, my national friends "kidnapped" me and just covered me with paint, dry tika powder, and water. It was harmless fun, and I learned alot about Hindu culture that day. For most, it is great fun, but Holi also has a dangerous aspect to it because Hindus believe they can do anything on this day without repercussions. This year, Hindus will celebrate Holi on Tuesday , March 14th. Please pray that God would protect women and children especially. Pray that those who feel they can perform any act on this day without penalty would be convicted of the wrong before they harm someone or themselves. Pray that Christians living in Nepal would have special opportunities to share their story of Christ in their lives.