Saturday, February 04, 2006

"Cozy" -another word for small

Well, the day has finally come and gone. I am officially a "Midwest" girl again! Even though I am not sure where home is...I feel like I am close. Once again I find myself in a completely new circumstance. New apartment (love it), new roommate (BFF since meeting her in highschool), new car(it reminds me of lipstick) new church (KCBT-"A church for all peoples"), and a new job(full of possibility).

I find myself overwhelmed at how this move has been so EASY. I suppose that is how it is supposed to be when the Lord is the one orchestrating it all. Imagine that!

Here is a sneak peak at my is so cozy! I will post pictures as soon as I decide on a new camera.


Aunt Nanie said...

Thanks so much for the update. I LOVE hearing from you!!!
Love ya,
Aunt Nanie

stef said...

Hey Andrea,

I'm so glad to hear everything is falling into place. We do miss you here, but we know you are where God wants you to be. Luv ya and miss ya,-Stef Milne

rachael said...

Andrea!!! I am so happy for you!! i am glad everything is working out so great for you! Thanks for keeping us updated , get some pics up soon!!
love you girl!

Brad Lee said...


Good to hear from you! I send greetings from Pickin' (of Pickin' Grin) and the rest of SOM praise team. We can't wait for pictures. Thanks for the update.



Karen :) said...

Great to hear that you are settling in well. Definitely put some pic's on here girlie!
Have fun in the midwest!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear from you. I can't believe that you had all that pretty snow. I miss you but I know that you are where you need to be. Sending lots of love:)