Thursday, February 16, 2006

40+ Hours a week.....

Here's where I work! Even though the website is still under construction, it is pretty informative. 2 weeks are down, and so far I really like working here. It is a really busy practice, and our clinics average 3 times the patients that my last job did! I see the same patients multiple times a week, so I am beginning to learn their names, and become familiar with what's going on in their lives.

This is the lobby/waiting area. Check out those comfy chairs. Our waiting room not only has multiple fountains, we have the good magazines that people actually like to read. Those pillows in the picture are my new favorite things. They are like mini waterbeds for your head. Cloud 9 people!

Welcome to my perspective 40 hours a week. I am getting really good at remembering our patients names. There are a few guys all named Jason W. and several Jeff M.'s....not to mention 2 girls that are Kayla and Shayla...other then these groups, I am doing good. If I don't remember, there is always the classic, "Hey there!" Our patients range from newborn to great-grandparents. I love it when people come in limping, and leave saying "I feel so much better!"


Brad Lee said...

I was feeling rather beat-up, but after reading this post I feel so much better!